☥ my playlists ☥

NOTE: Spotify limits the playlist length to 100 songs in embeds. Most of these playlists are over 100 songs. Please open the playlist in a new tab if you want to explore it fully.

I use my liked songs as a playlist that I can add and remove from as I please. It's not based on genre or vibe, just what I'm currently listening to.

This is a playlist of some of my favorite songs of all time. Usually, the most recent song in here is my current favorite

This is a huge playlist that contains every song I've liked. I made this only in early 2023 so there are a lot of songs missing that I would like to be in here.

In 2020, I started making "yearly" playlists; playlists that I added to throughout the year, but left untouched as a sort of time capsule. (I started this when I was using google play music, and it didn't have a yearly wrapped)

(I didn't make a 2021 playlist)

☥ recent favorite albums ☥