Hello again! I made a guestbook! Go sign it!! The link is on the sidebar!!! I've also updated my "about me" section on the main page, and some of the 88x31 buttons on the sidebar. Other than that, not really much to update about. I've just been living. I have been listening to more music though (who would've guessed). I've been listening to glass beach's new album, "plastic death", and it's great. "the first glass beach album" used to be my favorite album of theirs, but "plastic death" definitely takes the cake. I've also finally started listening to David Bowie. I've been meaning to actually listen to some music of his for years now, but I've just never got the chance. I've kinda just been selectivly listening to tracks that my friends tell me to listen too, but I do plan on just sitting down and listening to a bunch of his albums. I've been thinking alot about Washington lately, or more specifcally, moving back to Washington. I used to live there about 6 years ago, but after my mom passed I was forced to move to Texas to live with my dad. I miss Washington alot. Texas sucks. I've known how much I hate Texas for a while now, but the recent stuff with Abbott refusing to take down the literal death traps on the border and trying to start another fucking civil war has made me realize that I'd much rather live anywhere but here. In my freshman year (5 years ago) I thought I'd be able to move out of Texas when I was 18. Well, I'm nearly 19, and I'm still stuck in this state. I'm hoping that I can get my shit together and move out before 2028 ends, but I've never been good at sticking to time frames. The main issue (other than money) is that all of my friends and family live in texas. While I might not like alot of my extended family, I'm not sure I could deal with just up and leaving my sister, brother, and father. Although it's a different story with my friends (most of which I talk more to online than in person), I'd still hate to abandon most of the people that helped me during my darkest times, whether that was after my mom passed, or after any of my month-long, drug-induced depressive episodes. No matter what, I have to leave this state in the next ten years. I am tired of living in this awful state, with an horrible climate and an even worse government. Thats it for this entry! Todays song is gonna be "rare animal" by glass beach