Hello again! I made some decent progress on the website today, I got a splash text message on the home page! this took ages to set up, and I only wrote some of the code myself *~* Most of the code was used from cabl.rodeo, go check them out! When I decided to add the splash text, I thought I'd have 20-30 messages, at most. After sitting down and writing a bunch of them, and going through the log I keep of my old discord statuses, I ended with 304!!! That's so insane! I was thinking about proving a list of all of them, but I think its more fun if you go read them yourself ;) (you can click on the text to change it) I renamed the "blog" section to the "journal" section, because really it's more of a personal journal for me than a blog for others. I also added some 88x31 buttons on the sidebar! It took me a few hours, but I even made my own! (sidenote: I spent 2 hours messing around with different software, trying to find an easy way to make it. There wasnt an easy way.) I also added some buttons for undertale, my favorite game, portal, because I thought the buttons looked cool, and I replaced the discord and youtube in the "links" section of the sidebar with the 88x31 buttons. I had an odd dream last night, while I cant remember most of it, I do remember that I was going to my old middle school again, and my dead mother was a teacher?? I wish I could remember more of the dream, but I usually dont even remember this much. I've been listening to more Car Seat Headrest, specifically "Living While Starving", an EP. I used to dislike most of their songs, but last night I decided to give them another shot. I listened to "Twin Fantasy" twice, and "Living While Starving" about a million times. A few weeks ago, I started replaying Night in the Woods. I last played it in 2018, and I had pretty much forgotten everything since then. I played it for a few hours everyday for maybe a week, before I dropped it for no reason. I have a bad habit of doing this, not just with games, but books and tv shows too. I'll play/read/watch half of it, then just drop it and lose all motivation to pick it back up. Well, today I decided that I'm going to finish it, since I was already pretty close to the end from what I can remember. In fact, I'm gonna go play it right after I release this! Thats it for this entry! Todays song is gonna be "I Hate Living" by Car Seat Headrest Thanks for reading!